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Panthenol is the most widely used provitamin in beauty culture. It is present in all living cells in the form of pantothenic acid (vitamin b5). Pantothenic acid is a natural constituent of healthy hair. Having a small molecule size, panthenol can penetrate the epidermis plus the papilla and shaft of the hair. Research has shown that panthenol has a moisturizing effect on the hair and can repair damaged hair. Panthenol is water soluble, non-oily, non-toxic, will not flake, and is safe for babies. Regular use of Eden's Panthenol Repair makes hair more manageable by providing moisture, extra body, and shine. This product is amazing when sprayed on hair before tenting, bleaching, or permanent waving.

  • Improves condition of damaged hair
  • Gives the hair long-lasting moisture
  • Protects the hair from harmful, environmental and other stress factors

Panthenol is very beneficial to skin. Research shows that it penetrates to the deep layers of the skin and adds moisture. Panthenol can be used on skin after shaving, waxing, electrolysis, and glycolic acid peeling to diminish redness and discomfort. Panthenol, when misted and rubbed into skin prior to application of sunless self-tanner, will greatly enhance and promote absorption and even distribution of color.

Eden's Hydro-Elastin Protein Pak
Correct, Protect & Restore
  • For Reconstruction of Damaged Hair
  • Panthenol – (Pro-Vitamin B5) adds moisture & shine
  • Collagen – adds volume & moisture
  • Elastin – adds elasticity & flexibility
  • Collagen and Elastin perform different functions on damaged hair. When used with Panthenol you will create elasticity, strength, flexibility and stop breakage.

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Eden's Panthenol Transforming Cream
with Vitamins E, D, & A
  • Vitamin E encourages skin to heal itself and strengthen capillaries and other tissues
  • Vitamin D is considered to be an antioxidant and anti-carcinogen, and may play a role in skin pigmentation
  • Vitamin A Helps to reverse sun damage

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Eden's 5% Panthenol Repair
for Hair and Skin

When used in hair care products, panthenol:

  • improves the condition of damaged hair
  • gives the hair long-lasting moisture
  • gives the hair gloss without a greasy appearance
  • protects the hair from harmful environmental influences and other stress factors such as brushing and blow-drying

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